Jun. 26th, 2012

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Series: Megaman Star Force/Ryuusei no Rockman
Rating: K+/PG-13
Characters: Multiple OCs, Hoshikawa Subaru (brief cameo) and War-Rock (an even briefer cameo)
Warnings: There are some darker implication about the consequences of mass-producing heroes, but it's very light hints. Also this is my first story that is pretty much OC driven, so I'm slightly worried about how it came out.
Notes: Based off Hanun's comic, Star Child,  which introduces an AU in which after Subaru is no longer to take on the mantle of Rockman in the public eye, WAZA clones War-Rock in order to create Rockmen based off the various powerups he's imbibed throughout the series. The first few lines of the story are actually taken right out of the comic itself. The comic itself is just a snippet from the Angel Tribe Rockman's point of view and his interactions with the Black Ace Rockman, and initially it was supposed to be based on only the two of them. However, it grew into a sort of worldbuilding story with the initial snippet appearing at the end, so I don't know if Hanun would actually accept this headcanoning on her part. So I guess until she says something, it's an AU of an AU? Ahaha.
Summary: With the original blue shooting star too tired to fight, WAZA creates a legion of Rockmen to replace him. See the inner workings of the Rockman Project through the eyes of it's newest recruit, the new Angel Rockman!

They were all Rockmen, but there was more to them. )


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