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Don't worry guys, I'm on top of my work, really. I've actually got most of said essay done. This is just for de-stressing. :D

Anyways, anyone who's been a friend of mine for anything remotely resembling any period of time will probably know that if there's anything I post about other than YGO, it's probably Megaman Star Force. Because I am a childish little obsessive gamer.

I ended up replaying all three games over the span of a few months just for some fun, and it turned out I never actually finished the aftergame story for Star Force 3 the first time I played through it. I had needed to get all 150 Standard Battle Cards, and I was short one. So I did it properly this time and got all 150, an' played through the aftergame story.

Part of me wishes I hadn't, the rest of me wishes that I had done this ages ago.
cut for spoilers obviously )
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So, I picked up my pen an' pencil for the first time in a few months, wantin' to draw something. And I do. And it comes out different than what I intended.

I swear inconsistency is normal for me. :V

ahurrr something slightly different from my usual fare. Key word is *slightly*. )
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I draw stuff on the back of receipt paper. No seriously. The first two hours of the day are reaaaaally slow, and I have to look busy to make a good impression on customers and/or bosses. Usually the drawings get lost or are unfinished or get messed up, but I have managed to rediscover four old ones (I think one of the papers is actually starting to yellow a little) of none other than the little chibi EvilGods!Satisfaction verse. The work isn't my best, considering all I had was a ball-ink pen and so everything is a bit sketchy and skewed. Usually I draw stuff in pencil first XD. But they're cute enough to warrant a distraction.

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I stumbled across a little thing called Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls.

Now, I've never actually played the Final Fantasy series. But I was bored and RPGs are my kind of thing. So.

Yes, I'm an idiot.


. Now. *cracks knuckles* Let's see if this series is all that it's cracked up to be.
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Title: The Ditty of the Diminutive Deities
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!5D's
Characters: EvilGodsSatisfaction!Crow, EvilGodsSatisfactionYuusei, EvilGodsSatisfactionJack, and EvilGoddamnIneedtocomeupwithashorternameforthisverseSatisfaction!Kiryuu.
Rating: PG...13? Maybe? 
Pairing: Probably a Satisfaction fourway if you're inclined to see it that way. It's not really intended to be shippy, though.
Summary: Because all stories about ancient gods have to be written in verse.
Notes: It's serious, guys. Really. It really is serious stuff. The fact that it's about tiny!evilgodsverse has no effect on that. I think.

This is a tale of four... )
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but it seems I can never resist a good meme. Or two.

Stolen from [ profile] atorasu !

Give me a pairing and a prompt, and I'll write you a one sentence fic!

Durr, you know mah  fandoms, but if you don't: YGO (all, iffin ah can remember all the characters), Megaman Star Force, Pokemon, Eyeshield 21, Mother (all games), Fairy Tail, Banjo-Kazooie, and now I can't remember all my fandoms. :3

Stolen from [ profile] magitabasa!

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[13:17] northwindgully: Oh hey, you know that meme that goes around YouTube
[13:17] Zalkanis: Hmm?
[13:18] northwindgully: where people say that "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song can go with ANY music
[13:18] northwindgully: and then they try to do it?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Oh?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Nope, haven't heard of that one.
[13:18] northwindgully: B'aww.
[13:18] northwindgully: I need to show you the original theme XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: Don't tell me they synced it with a Mother song XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: I know of that one ^^
[13:18] northwindgully: It was a popular family sitcom in the 90s in the US.
[13:18] Zalkanis: I mean I haven't heard of the meme XD
[13:18] northwindgully: And they synched it with SEVERAL.
[13:18] northwindgully: Oh.
[13:19] northwindgully: They did it with a bunch of them
[13:19] northwindgully: AND IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully: some more than others but FFFFF IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully:!v=IEiu9H5to5Y&feature=related first one I found
[13:19] Zalkanis: AHAHAHAHAHAH
[13:19] Zalkanis: FRESH KRAKEN OF BEL-AIR
[13:20] northwindgully: IT WORKS
[13:20] northwindgully: I swear to god
[13:20] northwindgully: I haven't found a mix that didn't work in some fashion, not yet XD
[13:20] Zalkanis: Lawl
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=ioSM-JMk06g&feature=related here's another one.
[13:21] Zalkanis: AHAHAH
[13:21] Zalkanis: I just linked that now too XD
[13:21] northwindgully: ...well XD
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=8YSedjnvl0w&feature=related This one works so well it's scary.
[13:21] Zalkanis:
[13:21] Zalkanis: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[13:21] Zalkanis: HIVEMINDDDD
[13:22] northwindgully:!v=IuQGPILDKfI&feature=related
[13:22] Zalkanis:
[13:22] northwindgully: OH COME ON.
[13:22] Zalkanis: We need Prince Poo of Bel-Air
[13:23] northwindgully: ffffffff
[13:23] northwindgully:!v=ZDrfDjwR5rg&feature=related
[13:24] Zalkanis: Ahahah
[13:25] northwindgully: /was half expecting you to respond with the same video XD
[13:25] Zalkanis: Sorry XD
[13:25] northwindgully: lollll
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it's just that I'm in a creative mood today sob.

Anyways thanks to Poet's epic ramblings, I've been pursuing a small project of my own to draw 5D's characters with their monsters in some sort of tribute to their respective "references". I've gotten a few down, but I ended up getting stuck on Aiapaec!Crow's design other than knowing that his human form had sharkfais paint and had winged snakes for servants and liked grinning toothily. So I roamed his journal for a bit and found some random sketch of Immi's Dead!Crow and started drawing that for practice. 

hurrr dee hurrp )


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