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So, 'sup gais. Coming out of the woodwork again, so lemme sum up the past...oh, week and a half or so in bulletpoint fashion.

-So. 5D's ending. Not much to say considering's everyone said it already. Could have been better, but at least it was enjoyable to watch.

-Made a new elljay rp pup. [ profile] usedsyncronoise

-My brother's been playing through Megaman Starforce Red Joker since I helped him acquire a rom. As a result he's been rewatching old episodes of the anime with me. (He got into the series by watching me watch the show in the first place, so it was awesome nostalgia.) Thusly now I'm tempted to play anime!Cancer Bubble. Somebody kill me.

-I need to start writing fanfic again. But I'm lazy.

-Speaking of lazy, I've had the pictures ready for Chapter 3 of Over the Nexus Let's Play for some time now. But again, lazy to post. Maybe I'll start on it later today. Who knows.

-The listing of Best Wishes episodes on the site where I'm watching it is starting to confuse me, since they're skipping around episodes due to the recent tragedies in Japan. But I must say that Belle is an awesome travelling character and should travel with the group more. She just adds a wonderful liveliness to the group. and my poor poor little heart is starting to ship her and Dento despite me already shipping him with Iris a little and just...fff.

-So uh, I think that's everything for now. Bai bai!

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Go to my icons and follow these directions:
1. Pick an icon that is so very [ profile] northwind_gale.

2. Pick an icon that makes you laugh.

3. Pick an icon you don't understand.

4. Pick an icon you'd make out with.

5. Pick your favorite icon.

6. Pick an icon that you makes you curious.

7. Pick an icon that makes you :(

8. Pick an icon I should use more.

9. Pick an icon that makes you go "Aw!"

10. Pick any other icon you want for any reason.

northwind_gale: (What?)

[19:22] northwindgully: gaaaah!
[19:22] northwindgully: I just
[19:22] northwindgully: barely beat Jeager
[19:22] northwindgully: was using a Lightsworn deck against his stall deck so that was probably a bad idea
[19:23] northwindgully: I beat him with one card left in my deck, and 600 LP while he had four trap cards, including Gravity Bind and Dark Room of Nightmare and 5000 LP.
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: *claps*
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: This is how the anime duelists feel
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: ALL THE TIME
[19:24] northwindgully: hay
[19:24] northwindgully: hay yuusei
[19:24] northwindgully: can I be a signer now
[19:24] elementalf0rtune: XD
[19:24] yrivas04: lol
[19:24] northwindgully: i beat all yo dark signers
[19:24] northwindgully: and eeevvverrrryyythiiiing
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: Even Rexu?
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: If you no beat Rexu
[19:24] northwindgully: I'm about to fight him. Or so I assume
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: Then no Signaru for you
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: XD
[19:24] northwindgully: gdi
[19:24] northwindgully: you people have high standards
[19:25] northwindgully: *shakefist*
[19:27] northwindgully: ...oh wait
[19:27] northwindgully: I didn't pull new shiny cards out of my ass to beat him...
[19:27] northwindgully: does this mean I fail the test
[19:27] Nafees Imtiyaj: Naw
[19:28] northwindgully: really
[19:28] Nafees Imtiyaj: ...

northwind_gale: (Sheepish grin)

but for now, a meme I kept seeing around everywhere when I came home from werk today

The "What Icon Do You Associate With Me?" meme!
• Do not look at the comments.
• Take a look at my userpics.
• Post a comment with the icon of mine you associate with me. Leave commentary if desired.
• Repost with your default icon

also this one I saw on [ profile] caladi 's journal

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

northwind_gale: (Hell motherfucking yeah)

EDIT:The ensuing conversation:

[19:59] GriffonEmpress: Congratulations! I'm happy for you!
[19:59] GriffonEmpress: I feel bad for every other poor smuck on the road and the pedestrians around you now.
[19:59] GriffonEmpress: But I'm happy for you! <3
[20:01] northwindgully: Don't worry
[20:01] northwindgully: I feel bad for them too XD
[20:01] GriffonEmpress: Gale: *on the way to the car lot to get her FIRST car!* If it's white I'll call it 'Blue Eyes White Dragon', if it's Silver it's going to be 'Stardust', if it's black I'll call it 'Red eyes Black Dragon!' *Goes on for a bit while family gets nervous*
Littlest Bro: And if it's green?
Gale: Celtic Guardian!

[20:01] northwindgully: PFFFFFT
[20:02] northwindgully: naw man, Black would be black rose dragon
[20:02] northwindgully: or maybe pink
[20:02] northwindgully: but I'd never get a pink car so that's out of the queston
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: Black with PINK TRIM
[20:02] northwindgully: mom knows I hate pink
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: fffffffff Maroon
[20:02] northwindgully: I told dad I wanted a dark blue car.
[20:02] northwindgully: SO I WILL CALL IT YOUSAY
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: Dark Magician?
[20:02] northwindgully: AND I CAN RIDE HIM
[20:02] northwindgully: /shot
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: LOL
[20:03] northwindgully: Dark Magician is purple mate
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: Not in his original artwork
[20:03] northwindgully: ...pont.
[20:03] northwindgully: /point
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: He was more blue with light blue skin and blond hair
[20:03] northwindgully: anyways brb copypastaing this convo to my LJ post :P
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: Np
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: No get a blue Motorcycle
[20:04] northwindgully: BAHAHAHA
[20:04] northwindgully: COME, DELTA EAGLE!
[20:05] GriffonEmpress: Crow: You know that a D-Wheel is essentially a MotorCycle with a computer on it right?
Aki: Yes.
Crow: You know the other name for a motorcycle is: Crotchrocket yes?
Aki: .... (gives him a look)
Crow: So does this mean you'll be riding Yusei like. (Gets strung up by Aki... convo over.)

[20:05] northwindgully: pfffft
northwind_gale: (Sheepish grin)
[21:47] spinel ithil: aim hate the other room again?
[21:47] northwindgully: idk
[21:47] northwindgully: didn't bother trying :|
[21:47] northwindgully: just derped something out insteaad
[21:47] spinel ithil: XD clearly
[21:47] northwindgully: <---has been in a derpish mood since last night
[21:47] northwindgully: *derp*
[21:51] northwindgully: ...why am I suddenly finding myself battling the urge to make random Magikarp noises
[21:53] spinel ithil: pffff
[21:55] northwindgully: *magikarps it up*
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...on a new chibi-art style I'm trying out. Peeps who saw 'em in chat, you can ignore this since you saw at least one of the sketches already. :D I'd really like ideas on what you think on them-if they're better than my previous style or no, what I could add to them to improve them, whatever.

The changes are mostly focused around the eyes and facial structure while the way I draw the body remains the same (Oh, and I actually draw noses this time. Wurt?). They come out looking rather...cartoon-ish. ^^

Cut for sketches. )


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