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this time it came from [ profile] rhodanum.

Reply to this entry with "IT´S A MEME" somewhere in your comment. Then I'll choose six of your icons for you to talk about in your own journal.

ha ha I forgot to cut my responses I AM AWESOME  )
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okay before I go onto the main inane topic of this post I say I'm sorry for not getting even an image folder of this week's ep. ;; I haven't even seen the episode yet and from what I've heard, 2chan didn't get very many caps to begin with so there goes any chance of nice HQ ones. But apparently the old man is going bird-hunting and that's pretty much it.

back to on topic thingus.

okay so I was out for most of  Wednesday and yesterday an' stuff. Only on the way home yesterday I was near one of those cars that people find obnoxious being next to because their windows are down and they're booming loud, grating music and the people are equally loud and occasionally cursing. Except I was much too amused to be offended because a combination of generic radio quality and car distance, one of the voices sounded rather like Jose. And it was some kind of rock or rap song.

Now I can't get the image of the old man rapping out of my head. ogod

oh and because of circumstances going on yesterday I got to hook up my printer/scanner with the main computer for a totally innocuous reason. So tomorrow-ish I can have another art post! :D
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hnnwhaaa so I was listening to this old thing and when I got to the end where it's all staticy and Giygas is dying and stuff
the laptop screen started going staticy at the same time

it's official

I'm completely freaked out

/closes video tab like burning
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EDIT:The ensuing conversation:

[19:59] GriffonEmpress: Congratulations! I'm happy for you!
[19:59] GriffonEmpress: I feel bad for every other poor smuck on the road and the pedestrians around you now.
[19:59] GriffonEmpress: But I'm happy for you! <3
[20:01] northwindgully: Don't worry
[20:01] northwindgully: I feel bad for them too XD
[20:01] GriffonEmpress: Gale: *on the way to the car lot to get her FIRST car!* If it's white I'll call it 'Blue Eyes White Dragon', if it's Silver it's going to be 'Stardust', if it's black I'll call it 'Red eyes Black Dragon!' *Goes on for a bit while family gets nervous*
Littlest Bro: And if it's green?
Gale: Celtic Guardian!

[20:01] northwindgully: PFFFFFT
[20:02] northwindgully: naw man, Black would be black rose dragon
[20:02] northwindgully: or maybe pink
[20:02] northwindgully: but I'd never get a pink car so that's out of the queston
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: Black with PINK TRIM
[20:02] northwindgully: mom knows I hate pink
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: fffffffff Maroon
[20:02] northwindgully: I told dad I wanted a dark blue car.
[20:02] northwindgully: SO I WILL CALL IT YOUSAY
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: Dark Magician?
[20:02] northwindgully: AND I CAN RIDE HIM
[20:02] northwindgully: /shot
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: LOL
[20:03] northwindgully: Dark Magician is purple mate
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: Not in his original artwork
[20:03] northwindgully: ...pont.
[20:03] northwindgully: /point
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: He was more blue with light blue skin and blond hair
[20:03] northwindgully: anyways brb copypastaing this convo to my LJ post :P
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: Np
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: No get a blue Motorcycle
[20:04] northwindgully: BAHAHAHA
[20:04] northwindgully: COME, DELTA EAGLE!
[20:05] GriffonEmpress: Crow: You know that a D-Wheel is essentially a MotorCycle with a computer on it right?
Aki: Yes.
Crow: You know the other name for a motorcycle is: Crotchrocket yes?
Aki: .... (gives him a look)
Crow: So does this mean you'll be riding Yusei like. (Gets strung up by Aki... convo over.)

[20:05] northwindgully: pfffft


Jun. 4th, 2010 09:00 am
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On occasion when my parents have to leave early for work, I walk littlest!bro to school in the mornings. They're usually pretty fun and refreshing walks, since littlest!bro is the one I'm closest to and we can jabber on about faibu deezus and animoo and vidya games and stuff.

Today was quite fun since yesterday at his chorus concert, brother snuck home several Oreos from the snack table and we were planning to eat them with milk...only to find there was no milk. Then dad brought some late last night and we were planning to eat them the next morning. Then mom gave us constant chores and we had no time.

Then brother decided to bring a mug of milk and the Oreos with him, and we ate them while walking to school. Cue ridiculous Oreo-based fun. What with me singing that old song they used in those commercials and that I wish they still used because my brother misses out on the awesome nineties stuff being too young to remember them sob and with us constantly giggling over the mess we were making with our hands and wondering how to split that ninth and final Oreo before finding that it had actually broken into pieces that were easy to split and we just ended up mixing them into the milk and each drinking half.

Conversation ender:

Gale: We should introduce Yuusei to Oreos.
Viper (littlest!bro): B|   :|   :]   X]   XD
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Youngest!Bro: *doesn't take Health class, but knows the basics thanks to me and other brother, randomly watching news with me* Sis, you think Obama's ever done it?
Gale: *momentarily shocked by question, but then counters* Well, yeah, how else would he have gotten his kids?
Bro: Oh, right...wait, you have to have sex to have kids?
Gale: ...uh, yeah. Didn't *insert other bro's name* tell you?
Bro: No, I just thought people had to be married. Wait...does that mean...
Gale: ?
Bro: Does that mean our mom and dad... D: D: D:
Gale: ...Well, yeah, how else do you think they had us?
Bro: ...OH MY GODDDDDD *proceeds to flail for many minutes*
Gale: *loling forever*

my brother is an adorable derp sometimes, really XD
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[13:17] northwindgully: Oh hey, you know that meme that goes around YouTube
[13:17] Zalkanis: Hmm?
[13:18] northwindgully: where people say that "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song can go with ANY music
[13:18] northwindgully: and then they try to do it?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Oh?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Nope, haven't heard of that one.
[13:18] northwindgully: B'aww.
[13:18] northwindgully: I need to show you the original theme XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: Don't tell me they synced it with a Mother song XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: I know of that one ^^
[13:18] northwindgully: It was a popular family sitcom in the 90s in the US.
[13:18] Zalkanis: I mean I haven't heard of the meme XD
[13:18] northwindgully: And they synched it with SEVERAL.
[13:18] northwindgully: Oh.
[13:19] northwindgully: They did it with a bunch of them
[13:19] northwindgully: AND IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully: some more than others but FFFFF IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully:!v=IEiu9H5to5Y&feature=related first one I found
[13:19] Zalkanis: AHAHAHAHAHAH
[13:19] Zalkanis: FRESH KRAKEN OF BEL-AIR
[13:20] northwindgully: IT WORKS
[13:20] northwindgully: I swear to god
[13:20] northwindgully: I haven't found a mix that didn't work in some fashion, not yet XD
[13:20] Zalkanis: Lawl
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=ioSM-JMk06g&feature=related here's another one.
[13:21] Zalkanis: AHAHAH
[13:21] Zalkanis: I just linked that now too XD
[13:21] northwindgully: ...well XD
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=8YSedjnvl0w&feature=related This one works so well it's scary.
[13:21] Zalkanis:
[13:21] Zalkanis: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[13:21] Zalkanis: HIVEMINDDDD
[13:22] northwindgully:!v=IuQGPILDKfI&feature=related
[13:22] Zalkanis:
[13:22] northwindgully: OH COME ON.
[13:22] Zalkanis: We need Prince Poo of Bel-Air
[13:23] northwindgully: ffffffff
[13:23] northwindgully:!v=ZDrfDjwR5rg&feature=related
[13:24] Zalkanis: Ahahah
[13:25] northwindgully: /was half expecting you to respond with the same video XD
[13:25] Zalkanis: Sorry XD
[13:25] northwindgully: lollll
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I escaped from Starbase Northwind Gale!

I killed Meigahime the Dalek, Saft the Dalek, Syntheticpoetic the nutrivend drinks machine, Somatosensation the Dalek, Zippyz the nutrivend drinks machine, Soccer Ceo the shapeshifter, Digitalstarry the cargobot, Mythc Writer the red-shirted ensign, Matsuda Akemi the tribble and Tsyve the space pirate.

I salvaged a Vacant-Descent model hazmat suit, Angel Starchild's commbadge, a Northwindgaleian deathblade, a DOODLING-20 plasma rifle, a technicolorninalithium crystal, a VOLTAN forcefield generator, Nikil San's commbadge, an RURIRII-140 phaser, a stagmantlithium crystal, an ITAI-YO-JUUDAI-10 phaser, a PIJSAN-10 plasma rifle, a MANGA-2500 supercomputer, an IMPRIS forcefield generator and 215 galacticredits.

Score: 685

Explore Starbase Northwind Gale and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own space adventure...


northwind_gale's Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 10
Average number of words per sentence:20.72
Average number of syllables per word:1.48
Total words in sample:2984
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

lol what. If it gathered up my most recent posts like it said it did, then it would have gathered up  a shitload of picspam and spazzings. My journal is NOT that high of a reading grade level, is it?

My LiveJournal Sitcom
spoon and hat (FX, 2:30): northwind_gale (Leelee Sobieski) takes on_a_corndog (Mario Lopez) bowling. That night, yuidirnt (Yasmine Bleeth) uses spinelsoup (Jeff Goldblum)'s baby photo. That weekend, atorasu (Hugo Weaving) and somatosensation (Daniel Baldwin) try out for a volleyball team. Meanwhile, stagmant (Roberto Benigni) finds a plate in fennikusu_ai (Jayne Mansfield)'s sock drawer. Upstairs, lookitmahcards (Leelee Sobieski) unknowingly gets high before a meeting with 1andnotthesame (Ginger Rogers). TV-MA.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

ahahahahah what. I'm being played by the same person who's gonna play my Yanagi pup, and why is Ginger Rogers attempting to play my Yuutwins?
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[21:47] spinel ithil: aim hate the other room again?
[21:47] northwindgully: idk
[21:47] northwindgully: didn't bother trying :|
[21:47] northwindgully: just derped something out insteaad
[21:47] spinel ithil: XD clearly
[21:47] northwindgully: <---has been in a derpish mood since last night
[21:47] northwindgully: *derp*
[21:51] northwindgully: ...why am I suddenly finding myself battling the urge to make random Magikarp noises
[21:53] spinel ithil: pffff
[21:55] northwindgully: *magikarps it up*
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...I really shouldn't. Then I'd stop wasting three and a half hours of my life drawing comics based on your Signer OT4 ramblings.

Really...why? )
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sorry f-list i'm being overly active todaaaaaaaaaay

You'd think I'd have stopped taking on these massive prompts and go back to my unfinished multichaps, wouldn't cha?

A 100 fic prompt?! Really Gale... )


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