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EDIT:The ensuing conversation:

[19:59] GriffonEmpress: Congratulations! I'm happy for you!
[19:59] GriffonEmpress: I feel bad for every other poor smuck on the road and the pedestrians around you now.
[19:59] GriffonEmpress: But I'm happy for you! <3
[20:01] northwindgully: Don't worry
[20:01] northwindgully: I feel bad for them too XD
[20:01] GriffonEmpress: Gale: *on the way to the car lot to get her FIRST car!* If it's white I'll call it 'Blue Eyes White Dragon', if it's Silver it's going to be 'Stardust', if it's black I'll call it 'Red eyes Black Dragon!' *Goes on for a bit while family gets nervous*
Littlest Bro: And if it's green?
Gale: Celtic Guardian!

[20:01] northwindgully: PFFFFFT
[20:02] northwindgully: naw man, Black would be black rose dragon
[20:02] northwindgully: or maybe pink
[20:02] northwindgully: but I'd never get a pink car so that's out of the queston
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: Black with PINK TRIM
[20:02] northwindgully: mom knows I hate pink
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: fffffffff Maroon
[20:02] northwindgully: I told dad I wanted a dark blue car.
[20:02] northwindgully: SO I WILL CALL IT YOUSAY
[20:02] GriffonEmpress: Dark Magician?
[20:02] northwindgully: AND I CAN RIDE HIM
[20:02] northwindgully: /shot
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: LOL
[20:03] northwindgully: Dark Magician is purple mate
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: Not in his original artwork
[20:03] northwindgully: ...pont.
[20:03] northwindgully: /point
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: He was more blue with light blue skin and blond hair
[20:03] northwindgully: anyways brb copypastaing this convo to my LJ post :P
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: Np
[20:03] GriffonEmpress: No get a blue Motorcycle
[20:04] northwindgully: BAHAHAHA
[20:04] northwindgully: COME, DELTA EAGLE!
[20:05] GriffonEmpress: Crow: You know that a D-Wheel is essentially a MotorCycle with a computer on it right?
Aki: Yes.
Crow: You know the other name for a motorcycle is: Crotchrocket yes?
Aki: .... (gives him a look)
Crow: So does this mean you'll be riding Yusei like. (Gets strung up by Aki... convo over.)

[20:05] northwindgully: pfffft
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So, there's a new game coming out for the Wii in about a year or so.

Yes, North heard about a game while it's still in its early developing stages. It's the apocalypse!

Anyways, this game's initial name sounds like it's gonna be called Epic Mickey. So we're getting back into our old nostalgia days and such?

Early game spoilers...serious ones too. )
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Yeah I know. F-list spam, gaiz. I'll shut up, promise. Just this one thing. :D

I am just so gleeful after FINALLY finishing that meme-write 26 requested prompts based on letters of the alphabet! It's the largest fic undertaking I've written, and I am so delighted to have it finished. :D

Most of the requests ended up being for YGO 5D's, but there's a few (read: TWO) Ryuusei no Rockman fics scattered in there and one GX fic (thanks, Immi). And that one weird GX/5D's AU crossover that's a result from RP-ing. Yeah.

so yeah I'm just pimping this shit because I'm so damn proud of myself. IGNORE MEEEEEE!



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