Jul. 23rd, 2011 07:59 pm
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Long story short, going on a vacation for a week. A day or two in Myrtle Beach and then off to Disney World! It's gonna be great. :D So yeah, I won't be on the computer at all. Gone from this Sunday to next Sunday/Monday.

To supplement this post so that it's not a mere two lines long, have a random sketch of a girl in a bonnet I scrawled at work.

The crook and sheep was an afterthought, really. :|
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yeah, it's an old, ornery motherfucker. Last time I had it fixed by a family friend he reccommended that we get me a new one because it would cost less than to keep replacing parts for it, but we didn't exactly have the funds for that and still don't and now that temporary fix we settled on seems to have worn off and now my laptop won't even leave the opening startup screen. Whoopie.

And it's gonna be even HARDER for me to get on this time because my dad's laptop is broke too-the screen is hanging on by a single hinge and for whatever reason it hasn't come back from the shop yet-so the only computer I have is the one big family computer that everyone wants dibs on. And is in full view from the living room and stuff. And the college libraries and labs are almost always full or blocked off for only certain majors. And it'sjust. Argh.

anyways if I'm not often as much anymore, I still love you guys. ;;


Jul. 29th, 2010 07:49 am
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So I'll be gone for the weekend, startin' tomorrah morning and coming back Monday evening. :3 Just a quick bit of hopping into Virgina, I think.


Jul. 17th, 2010 09:00 am
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Laptop's broke. Can't use other laptops as often as I want and they don't have my passwords and stuff on them either. ;; So while I'll be around on occasion, roleplaying's gonna slow down to a trickle...

Dunno how long it'll take me to get it fixed since mom's adverse to me using the laptop so often and stuff...
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Really. They are.

ESPECIALLY when they attack just at the moment you're trying to renew your virus protection and screw with the process, effectively preventing you from getting said protection without confusion.

I don't think I'll be on very often for a while. At least not until I can get some help for this nonsense. It's rather irritating to play when you're harassed every five seconds with messages about RENEWING YOUR VIRUS PROTECTION to the point that they flood your screen (which makes me really think it's a virus of some sort) and having porn pop up every five minutes. aslkdjfldksfjsdffff.

My brothers hog the computer a lot, so I probably won't be on much-maybe for a few minutes every day or something, or late at night.

I think this effectively puts me on hiatus for at least a day or few.


Gone today

Sep. 26th, 2009 10:08 am
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I'll be gone for most of the day today~

We're visiting a relative that's the bodyguard of some foreign ambassador a few states away. :D

Also a new temple is being opened.

also my broken laptop has been repaired

and it has Firefox now

hey Starry  how do I get that LJ login add on thingy on we talked about a while back? Because now I can't have different accounts on different windows for some reason D:

okay that's it leaving soon

Bye. :D
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My college's moving in day is this Friday, so I won't be on much, if at all. And there'll be activiites for all us new freshmen over the weekend and stuff, so that'll keep me busy too. And then Monday, college starts...

Needless to say, I won't be on as often as I was this summer. lO

Ah, life.

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Well, vacay was fun, is all. Too lazy to actually recap or anything right now...but we all came back alive and in one piece, so it's cool. XD

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Those of you who RP with me and check the OOC comms probably already know this, but~ I won't be on starting tomorrow, Friday, August 14, and will be gone until Sunday, August 16. The reason? Well, if you read the title you'd already know that too. XD

I'm going on vacation with my family to North South North South Carolina. (Glad we finally got that established.) So I won't be RP-ing, commenting on this week's dub ep, or discussing anything else. See you around, lovelies~.


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