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✖ Ask any of the characters I roleplay a question, and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer.
✖ Feel free to ask them ANYTHING, regardless of whether you know their canon or not.
✖ Feel free to also ask them as your own character. They will respond accordingly.

pup list heeeeere

yeah sooper old meme is sooper old
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So, I picked up my pen an' pencil for the first time in a few months, wantin' to draw something. And I do. And it comes out different than what I intended.

I swear inconsistency is normal for me. :V

ahurrr something slightly different from my usual fare. Key word is *slightly*. )
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IT TOOK ME AN HOUR TO MAKE IT, YOU JERK. and it's late and I feel miserable now and just *cries forever* you just took out randomly huge bites of my post and it's horribly mangled and the coding is forever lost and-and-and god i hate you so much right now

slow browsers will die their death here )
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[14:22] northwindgully: oho?
[14:23] northwindgully: /is distracted by little brother, sorry :P
[14:26] Mario!Jyuudai~
[14:29] northwindgully: pffffffffffffffffft
[14:29] northwindgully: /amused
[14:29] DRAW IT
[14:30] I DARE YOU
[14:31] northwindgully: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-
[14:31] what is that - at the end for
[14:31] northwindgully: me suddenly cutting it off to stifle laughter :P
[14:32] northwindgully: ahahahaha
[14:32] northwindgully: o fien
[14:32] wait, who's Luigi?
[14:32] northwindgully: I was planning on drawing some stuff anyways
[14:32] northwindgully: Sho.
[14:32] :-D
[14:32] \o----
[14:32] fffffffffffffffffffff
[14:32] oh god tiny Luigi with a permanent shitty hair day
[14:33] northwindgully: I've never drawn either of them, tho', so it'll take me a few tries :3
[14:33] northwindgully: brb grabbin' some paper
[14:33] ppfff
[14:33] <3

doo-doo-doo do-do-do do )
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[18:43] Zalkanis: Other image I had was Darkness eating grass on a field along with other goats.
[18:43] lethalrainbowss: biblical is cool too o/
[18:43] Knet Makri: XD
[18:43] Knet Makri: GOOOAT
[18:43] Zalkanis: "Nom nom nom nom"
[18:43] spinel ithil: not to mention BOY AND I FEELING TAROT TODAY
[18:43] Knet Makri: "GTFO I'M GRAZING."
[18:43] spinel ithil: BOY AM even
[18:43] spinel ithil: heee goat
[18:43] Zalkanis: fffff
[18:43] northwindgully: goddammit
[18:44] Knet Makri: And the tree of life. The World is TOTALLY SUBTLE GAIZ
[18:44] northwindgully: stop making me want to draw stuff guys
[18:44] Knet Makri: =D
[18:44] spinel ithil: never.
[18:44] lethalrainbowss: draaaw
[18:44] Zalkanis: DO IT
[18:44] Knet Makri: Nevar.

goddammit chat )
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Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!GX and Yu-Gi-Oh!5D's
Characters: Carly, Sho, a wee bit of Jack and Kaiser
Rating: PG
Summary: An accidental meeting in the hallways leads to an interesting interview. Inspired from this post of derp. (Sorry about making you wait half a year, Pidge. ;; But I had to reward you after you drew this.)
Warnings: Fluff, derpness. So really nothing to be scared of. Or anything I should be warning you of. Hm.

It was a chance meeting... )


Sep. 16th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Seriously, I love the internet sometimes.  

Cut for LOL WHAT amv with several GX characters bitching at each other. )



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