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So, there's a new game coming out for the Wii in about a year or so.

Yes, North heard about a game while it's still in its early developing stages. It's the apocalypse!

Anyways, this game's initial name sounds like it's gonna be called Epic Mickey. So we're getting back into our old nostalgia days and such?

Early game spoilers...serious ones too. )
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sorry f-list i'm being overly active todaaaaaaaaaay

You'd think I'd have stopped taking on these massive prompts and go back to my unfinished multichaps, wouldn't cha?

A 100 fic prompt?! Really Gale... )
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Yeah I know. F-list spam, gaiz. I'll shut up, promise. Just this one thing. :D

I am just so gleeful after FINALLY finishing that meme-write 26 requested prompts based on letters of the alphabet! It's the largest fic undertaking I've written, and I am so delighted to have it finished. :D

Most of the requests ended up being for YGO 5D's, but there's a few (read: TWO) Ryuusei no Rockman fics scattered in there and one GX fic (thanks, Immi). And that one weird GX/5D's AU crossover that's a result from RP-ing. Yeah.

so yeah I'm just pimping this shit because I'm so damn proud of myself. IGNORE MEEEEEE!


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Well, I've been hearing about this Hetalia: Axis Powers webmanga for some time now, and I've been too lazy to look it up, but I was interested in the concept and what I've heard about it sounds just adorable.

Then I managed to find some scanlations of the first five or so chapters.





Insta-luv here, bb. The Chibitalia extra just broke my heart~

Yeah. Excuse my faggotry. ^^

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I know this is late considering the game was released back on Sept 14th, but I just realized: I'll probably never get this game, considering my parents want me to be studying and try and graduate college early. What stings more is that my brother's birthday next month, and he's the one who gets all the video games-most likely he'll be the one getting stings.

Especially since I've started spoiling myself with walkthroughs and music and and andCut for cooing over Bowsers Inside Story and Luigi with pictures and music stop if you do not want spoilers. )
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I'm finally done with the "Gale Siblings" sprites that I promised my brothers a long while back. They were put on hiatus for several months while my laptop with my saved data on it was out of commission, but I've managed to finish the close ups for them today. :D The only relevant reason I'm posting this is because I'm considering a crack roleplay account for us four when the Fangirl plotz comes around. :D


Cut for sprites. :D )


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Skip to 1:22.

These three monsters that you fight against in a boss battle are Goldslime, Divinegon, and Rosevine.

My brother and I have taken to calling the last two the Green Dragon and the Black Rose (and possibly the Goldslime can be the shining hero/martyr if you don't mind it being shiny, yellow, and smiling real goofy-like).

The best part is that the Divinegon takes forever to be killed (lolololol the Green Dragon never dies).



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