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Guys. GUYS.


I don't even know what I'm going to do with it ;-;
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Don't worry guys, I'm on top of my work, really. I've actually got most of said essay done. This is just for de-stressing. :D

Anyways, anyone who's been a friend of mine for anything remotely resembling any period of time will probably know that if there's anything I post about other than YGO, it's probably Megaman Star Force. Because I am a childish little obsessive gamer.

I ended up replaying all three games over the span of a few months just for some fun, and it turned out I never actually finished the aftergame story for Star Force 3 the first time I played through it. I had needed to get all 150 Standard Battle Cards, and I was short one. So I did it properly this time and got all 150, an' played through the aftergame story.

Part of me wishes I hadn't, the rest of me wishes that I had done this ages ago.
cut for spoilers obviously )
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I draw stuff on the back of receipt paper. No seriously. The first two hours of the day are reaaaaally slow, and I have to look busy to make a good impression on customers and/or bosses. Usually the drawings get lost or are unfinished or get messed up, but I have managed to rediscover four old ones (I think one of the papers is actually starting to yellow a little) of none other than the little chibi EvilGods!Satisfaction verse. The work isn't my best, considering all I had was a ball-ink pen and so everything is a bit sketchy and skewed. Usually I draw stuff in pencil first XD. But they're cute enough to warrant a distraction.

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Derp. Silly Geiru. She let such mundane things as schoolwork and parties distract her from her precious precious Let's Play, did she? Let's rectify that, ah?

In which Gale has some...questionable morals. )
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So uh. I have a new laptop now. And I had to go through the trouble of transferring every bit of data for my stuff over to the new one. But now that that's done with, I can play without worries! So, chapter two of WC2011, go go go!

in which gale is a hopeless fangirl )
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I stumbled across a little thing called Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls.

Now, I've never actually played the Final Fantasy series. But I was bored and RPGs are my kind of thing. So.

Yes, I'm an idiot.


. Now. *cracks knuckles* Let's see if this series is all that it's cracked up to be.
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So yeah, this is just a quick little update before I vanish into the ether. Again. It's just not my month for being on the 'net. ;w; Still sharing one big family computer with everyone, still trying to avoid the parents catching me on it. :V

So how was everyone's holidays? I'll probably find out once I go through my f-list at some point later in the day but yeah.

Also how about dat Zexal. Yeah, I know I'm later than late on making a post about this. I BLAME REAL LIFE. But from what I've seen so  far, with the anime and manga previews, I'm finding Yuuma quite adorable. This might be my bias in favor of little kids speaking. But his spunky go-get'em attitude and his character design appeal to me.

Also I drew this because I can't help but feel that Yuuma's the kind of guy that would bond with Yuusei pretty decently considering Yuusei's history with kids around Yuuma's age. You know. When the writers bother to remember said kids. :V also it makes me wonder what kind of tag DM x GX x 5D's x Zexal art would have on Pixiv. 5DzeX? 5DXal? It's an amusing train or thought.

Later, guys!

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okay before I go onto the main inane topic of this post I say I'm sorry for not getting even an image folder of this week's ep. ;; I haven't even seen the episode yet and from what I've heard, 2chan didn't get very many caps to begin with so there goes any chance of nice HQ ones. But apparently the old man is going bird-hunting and that's pretty much it.

back to on topic thingus.

okay so I was out for most of  Wednesday and yesterday an' stuff. Only on the way home yesterday I was near one of those cars that people find obnoxious being next to because their windows are down and they're booming loud, grating music and the people are equally loud and occasionally cursing. Except I was much too amused to be offended because a combination of generic radio quality and car distance, one of the voices sounded rather like Jose. And it was some kind of rock or rap song.

Now I can't get the image of the old man rapping out of my head. ogod

oh and because of circumstances going on yesterday I got to hook up my printer/scanner with the main computer for a totally innocuous reason. So tomorrow-ish I can have another art post! :D
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Generally they do this once a year, people come around in the morning and afternoon and the local community cooks up their best dishes and sell them to raise money for the temple. Lots of people who normally wouldn't stop by do, and we occasionally get people who catch what's going on as they pass by and stop in for a snack. It's been getting more and more popular and active every year.

This year it's gotten so popular that they decided to do one in the evening. To make it more appealing, they've even managed to set up a pretty decent looking stage (that we've used for maybe a year now, it's still so new lD) outside, and local kids and adults set up their own little dancing groups, do some traditional dances that occur every now and then in the middle of the auction. Littlest bro's in the children dancing group, and he's one of the best they have, good enough to get a solo dance (with three other kids that were pretty much acting and not really dancing, just moving props, but yeah), and mom's pretty much convinced that now that the dancing group is permanent, she's gonna keep him in that group since he's the only one out of the kids who doesn't have some sort of artistic release. =B

Now, I've always been popular with the younger kids there, but I haven't been going to the temple regularly for a while now since I have to pick up the autistic bro and do schoolwork, so some of the younger kids who barely know me don't really pay me much attention.

Until they found me doodling a pictar of [livejournal.com profile] kizunaprotector. SUDDENLY I AM POPULAR AGAIN.

So they go on to be impressed with my subpar drawing skills and constantly ask me if I know how to draw other things (to which my response to all of them were: I probably need a reference 8U), and I eventually promised the doodle to one of the kids who was a particularly big fan of 5D's. I had to keep correcting myself all the time because I was always using Japanese names instead of dub names, BUT I LIKE WATCHING THE DUB SO YEAH, GOOD THING I KNEW.

So yeah, I told them I was gonna scan it and then they could have it.

I'm hoping they don't start flooding me with requests the next time I end up there. BV

and now with this post I realize I should probably make an art post today or tomorrow, I have quite the backlog. 8U


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hnnwhaaa so I was listening to this old thing and when I got to the end where it's all staticy and Giygas is dying and stuff
the laptop screen started going staticy at the same time

it's official

I'm completely freaked out

/closes video tab like burning


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