northwind_gale: (A boy and his best friend.)
[22:10] northwindgully: speaking of ZeXal, littlest bro made an odd observation
[22:10] Nafees Imtiyaj: ?
[22:10] northwindgully: he's all like "Gagaga Magician, then Gogogo Golem...what's next, Gi-gi-Giygas?"
[22:10] northwindgully: and then I went
[22:10] Nafees Imtiyaj: o_o
[22:10] northwindgully: "okay I have now decided that this show is going to be exactly like Earthbound"
[22:11] Siliva Two: Wow...
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: Where is Arynis when you need her?
[22:11] northwindgully: "funky and trippy and adorable cute at first and then SUDDENLY MINDFUCK"
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: SHE NEEDs to HEAR THIS
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: That's Astral's true form
[22:12] northwindgully: /will journal it so she will see it on her F-List when she wakes up
northwind_gale: (What?)

[19:22] northwindgully: gaaaah!
[19:22] northwindgully: I just
[19:22] northwindgully: barely beat Jeager
[19:22] northwindgully: was using a Lightsworn deck against his stall deck so that was probably a bad idea
[19:23] northwindgully: I beat him with one card left in my deck, and 600 LP while he had four trap cards, including Gravity Bind and Dark Room of Nightmare and 5000 LP.
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: *claps*
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: This is how the anime duelists feel
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: ALL THE TIME
[19:24] northwindgully: hay
[19:24] northwindgully: hay yuusei
[19:24] northwindgully: can I be a signer now
[19:24] elementalf0rtune: XD
[19:24] yrivas04: lol
[19:24] northwindgully: i beat all yo dark signers
[19:24] northwindgully: and eeevvverrrryyythiiiing
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: Even Rexu?
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: If you no beat Rexu
[19:24] northwindgully: I'm about to fight him. Or so I assume
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: Then no Signaru for you
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: XD
[19:24] northwindgully: gdi
[19:24] northwindgully: you people have high standards
[19:25] northwindgully: *shakefist*
[19:27] northwindgully: ...oh wait
[19:27] northwindgully: I didn't pull new shiny cards out of my ass to beat him...
[19:27] northwindgully: does this mean I fail the test
[19:27] Nafees Imtiyaj: Naw
[19:28] northwindgully: really
[19:28] Nafees Imtiyaj: ...

northwind_gale: (Sly)
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oh hai so I'm actually doing a writer's block wat

It's a contest between two.


"Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

-Anna Karenina

It's a statement that I find rather intriguing, it reflects a fascination with the morbid, and something I personally find reflected in my writing habits. It's just so much easier to write unhappy things because there's so many directions one can go with it and so many vague possibilities around the corner, which at the best, can merely end bittersweet. Happy things, while, they can be fun in their own way, generally end with "and they lived happily ever after, The End." And that's nice and all. But misery loves company and I love misery for company. At least when I'm writing. Misery can leave me alone when I'm off doing work.


"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife."

-Pride and Prejudice

To be honest? I just find this line absolutely hilarious. I mean. It's a great example of Austen's social commentary of the times, and it just exudes humor and wit. It's a line that never fails to make me smile and what keeps bringing me back to my now battered and dog-eared little copy. I almost regret giving said copy to a young friend I'm kind of sort of mentoring aaaaa but she should know this wonderful work :V

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Generally they do this once a year, people come around in the morning and afternoon and the local community cooks up their best dishes and sell them to raise money for the temple. Lots of people who normally wouldn't stop by do, and we occasionally get people who catch what's going on as they pass by and stop in for a snack. It's been getting more and more popular and active every year.

This year it's gotten so popular that they decided to do one in the evening. To make it more appealing, they've even managed to set up a pretty decent looking stage (that we've used for maybe a year now, it's still so new lD) outside, and local kids and adults set up their own little dancing groups, do some traditional dances that occur every now and then in the middle of the auction. Littlest bro's in the children dancing group, and he's one of the best they have, good enough to get a solo dance (with three other kids that were pretty much acting and not really dancing, just moving props, but yeah), and mom's pretty much convinced that now that the dancing group is permanent, she's gonna keep him in that group since he's the only one out of the kids who doesn't have some sort of artistic release. =B

Now, I've always been popular with the younger kids there, but I haven't been going to the temple regularly for a while now since I have to pick up the autistic bro and do schoolwork, so some of the younger kids who barely know me don't really pay me much attention.

Until they found me doodling a pictar of [ profile] kizunaprotector. SUDDENLY I AM POPULAR AGAIN.

So they go on to be impressed with my subpar drawing skills and constantly ask me if I know how to draw other things (to which my response to all of them were: I probably need a reference 8U), and I eventually promised the doodle to one of the kids who was a particularly big fan of 5D's. I had to keep correcting myself all the time because I was always using Japanese names instead of dub names, BUT I LIKE WATCHING THE DUB SO YEAH, GOOD THING I KNEW.

So yeah, I told them I was gonna scan it and then they could have it.

I'm hoping they don't start flooding me with requests the next time I end up there. BV

and now with this post I realize I should probably make an art post today or tomorrow, I have quite the backlog. 8U


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hnnwhaaa so I was listening to this old thing and when I got to the end where it's all staticy and Giygas is dying and stuff
the laptop screen started going staticy at the same time

it's official

I'm completely freaked out

/closes video tab like burning


Jun. 4th, 2010 09:00 am
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On occasion when my parents have to leave early for work, I walk littlest!bro to school in the mornings. They're usually pretty fun and refreshing walks, since littlest!bro is the one I'm closest to and we can jabber on about faibu deezus and animoo and vidya games and stuff.

Today was quite fun since yesterday at his chorus concert, brother snuck home several Oreos from the snack table and we were planning to eat them with milk...only to find there was no milk. Then dad brought some late last night and we were planning to eat them the next morning. Then mom gave us constant chores and we had no time.

Then brother decided to bring a mug of milk and the Oreos with him, and we ate them while walking to school. Cue ridiculous Oreo-based fun. What with me singing that old song they used in those commercials and that I wish they still used because my brother misses out on the awesome nineties stuff being too young to remember them sob and with us constantly giggling over the mess we were making with our hands and wondering how to split that ninth and final Oreo before finding that it had actually broken into pieces that were easy to split and we just ended up mixing them into the milk and each drinking half.

Conversation ender:

Gale: We should introduce Yuusei to Oreos.
Viper (littlest!bro): B|   :|   :]   X]   XD
northwind_gale: (Hell motherfucking yeah)
[13:17] northwindgully: Oh hey, you know that meme that goes around YouTube
[13:17] Zalkanis: Hmm?
[13:18] northwindgully: where people say that "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song can go with ANY music
[13:18] northwindgully: and then they try to do it?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Oh?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Nope, haven't heard of that one.
[13:18] northwindgully: B'aww.
[13:18] northwindgully: I need to show you the original theme XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: Don't tell me they synced it with a Mother song XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: I know of that one ^^
[13:18] northwindgully: It was a popular family sitcom in the 90s in the US.
[13:18] Zalkanis: I mean I haven't heard of the meme XD
[13:18] northwindgully: And they synched it with SEVERAL.
[13:18] northwindgully: Oh.
[13:19] northwindgully: They did it with a bunch of them
[13:19] northwindgully: AND IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully: some more than others but FFFFF IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully:!v=IEiu9H5to5Y&feature=related first one I found
[13:19] Zalkanis: AHAHAHAHAHAH
[13:19] Zalkanis: FRESH KRAKEN OF BEL-AIR
[13:20] northwindgully: IT WORKS
[13:20] northwindgully: I swear to god
[13:20] northwindgully: I haven't found a mix that didn't work in some fashion, not yet XD
[13:20] Zalkanis: Lawl
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=ioSM-JMk06g&feature=related here's another one.
[13:21] Zalkanis: AHAHAH
[13:21] Zalkanis: I just linked that now too XD
[13:21] northwindgully: ...well XD
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=8YSedjnvl0w&feature=related This one works so well it's scary.
[13:21] Zalkanis:
[13:21] Zalkanis: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[13:21] Zalkanis: HIVEMINDDDD
[13:22] northwindgully:!v=IuQGPILDKfI&feature=related
[13:22] Zalkanis:
[13:22] northwindgully: OH COME ON.
[13:22] Zalkanis: We need Prince Poo of Bel-Air
[13:23] northwindgully: ffffffff
[13:23] northwindgully:!v=ZDrfDjwR5rg&feature=related
[13:24] Zalkanis: Ahahah
[13:25] northwindgully: /was half expecting you to respond with the same video XD
[13:25] Zalkanis: Sorry XD
[13:25] northwindgully: lollll


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