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Series: Rockman.exe/Megaman Battle Network and Ryuusei no Rockman/Megaman Star Force crossover
Rating: PG
Characters: Hikari Netto, Rockman.exe, Sakurai Meiru, Ayanokouji Yaito, and Ooyama Dekao.
Summary: There's a strange illness about-and oddly enough, it affects Navis as well! Wanting to be able to do something about it, Netto makes a wish on a shooting star that then crashes near his town. It's the prelude to a new adventure!
Notes: Intended to be written as a video game storyline, so yeah, lots of focus on Netto and Rockman.exe. Just warning, if that's not your thing!

What a strange star... )

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A.K.A. I'm pretty sure that "EEEEHHH?!" is going to be the punchline for all of my comics on this crossover.

Also, the comic got so dialogue-heavy that I gave up on trying to write it into the comic. You get captions instead. Yaaaay.

what they wear  )
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Basically I've been having this feeling to *update* [ profile] kizunaprotector's transformed look for a few months now, but I've been waffling on it. And then I updated it based on the third game upgrade to S.S.Rockman. Yay. :D
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You know, if I can keep thinking up stuff.

Just a silly sketch this time though. )
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So, I've had this little image in mind for a while, I just haven't gotten around to actually drawing it until now. Have your usual dose of my stupid, guys.
never change show never change )
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[22:10] northwindgully: speaking of ZeXal, littlest bro made an odd observation
[22:10] Nafees Imtiyaj: ?
[22:10] northwindgully: he's all like "Gagaga Magician, then Gogogo Golem...what's next, Gi-gi-Giygas?"
[22:10] northwindgully: and then I went
[22:10] Nafees Imtiyaj: o_o
[22:10] northwindgully: "okay I have now decided that this show is going to be exactly like Earthbound"
[22:11] Siliva Two: Wow...
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: Where is Arynis when you need her?
[22:11] northwindgully: "funky and trippy and adorable cute at first and then SUDDENLY MINDFUCK"
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: SHE NEEDs to HEAR THIS
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: That's Astral's true form
[22:12] northwindgully: /will journal it so she will see it on her F-List when she wakes up
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So yeah this is just me and [ profile] arynis and [ profile] remaner being ridiculous and silly and yeah. Rife with hilarity, bad spelling, multiple distractions and ridiculous (some NSFW) fanart links. Crossover with this and YGO, starring our favorite fabulous card creator and his girlfriend.

yes we are ridiculous why do you ask? )
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[14:22] northwindgully: oho?
[14:23] northwindgully: /is distracted by little brother, sorry :P
[14:26] Mario!Jyuudai~
[14:29] northwindgully: pffffffffffffffffft
[14:29] northwindgully: /amused
[14:29] DRAW IT
[14:30] I DARE YOU
[14:31] northwindgully: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-
[14:31] what is that - at the end for
[14:31] northwindgully: me suddenly cutting it off to stifle laughter :P
[14:32] northwindgully: ahahahaha
[14:32] northwindgully: o fien
[14:32] wait, who's Luigi?
[14:32] northwindgully: I was planning on drawing some stuff anyways
[14:32] northwindgully: Sho.
[14:32] :-D
[14:32] \o----
[14:32] fffffffffffffffffffff
[14:32] oh god tiny Luigi with a permanent shitty hair day
[14:33] northwindgully: I've never drawn either of them, tho', so it'll take me a few tries :3
[14:33] northwindgully: brb grabbin' some paper
[14:33] ppfff
[14:33] <3

doo-doo-doo do-do-do do )
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[ profile] arynis , this is your fault. FOREVER.

Anyways, I've been drawing too many Robosei pictures. :| And of course I would eventually draw this, what with Ary making Giygasei posts left and right on each entry with him. :3

FYI, if you don't know who Giygas is, LOOK HIM UP. He's an amazing final boss, and one that's both physically and psychologically frightening to many folks who played the Earthbound/Mother series.

anyways onto the picture

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Continued from this post. Sort of.

Those who know me on the RP scene know very well that one of my pups is a Yuusei who's crossed over with the Ryuusei no Rockman/Megaman Star Force series.

Today someone approached me about playing the Kiryuu from that crossover. I glee'd. In this crossover, I gave Kiryuu the role of Patrick Sprigs/Futaba Tsukasa, who with his alternate persona Rey Sprigs/Futaba Hikaru, can EM Wave Change/Denpa-Henkan with Gemini to become Gemini Sparks White and Black.

And naturally,  this resulted in me drawing Kiryuu (and Kalin's-yes I went there) EM Wave Change form for some icons.

Oh...and their little Gemini-Apu too. )
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It's bad enough that I've seeekretly harbored a 5D's x Pride and Prejudice crossover for months that went and a'sploded in my fais last week resultling in me harboring several pictures of Yuusei in a bonnet that are awaiting the time my dad brings my scanner to my dorm room. But now I'm trying to cross it over with a children's classic-The Secret Garden.

If you honestly have no clue what I'm talking about (and you're in America, I don't know how much foreign exposure it's gotten) then you've probably lived under a rock all your life or just don't like reading books. I'll give a brief summary to those who don't know or need a quick refresher.


Cut for long book summary and short character list )
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Skip to 1:22.

These three monsters that you fight against in a boss battle are Goldslime, Divinegon, and Rosevine.

My brother and I have taken to calling the last two the Green Dragon and the Black Rose (and possibly the Goldslime can be the shining hero/martyr if you don't mind it being shiny, yellow, and smiling real goofy-like).

The best part is that the Divinegon takes forever to be killed (lolololol the Green Dragon never dies).


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No seriously. Shoot me.

This came to  me after reading Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina for the umpteenth time. Because for some reason, that book never gets old for me, even though I picked it up in sixth grade six years ago. God I am such a nerd.

For some reason, I started putting characters from Eyeshield 21 into the story. I am so not really. Haha.

You probably might want a quick summary of the book before I do it though. I'm not entirely sure if it's a popular book, considering it is apparently on my AP Lit Reading List, which makes me assume that it's reserved for college students.


Cut for long novel summary and short character list. )

...Kill me. Kill me NOW. Before I take this madness any further.


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