northwind_gale: (A boy and his best friend.)
[22:10] northwindgully: speaking of ZeXal, littlest bro made an odd observation
[22:10] Nafees Imtiyaj: ?
[22:10] northwindgully: he's all like "Gagaga Magician, then Gogogo Golem...what's next, Gi-gi-Giygas?"
[22:10] northwindgully: and then I went
[22:10] Nafees Imtiyaj: o_o
[22:10] northwindgully: "okay I have now decided that this show is going to be exactly like Earthbound"
[22:11] Siliva Two: Wow...
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: Where is Arynis when you need her?
[22:11] northwindgully: "funky and trippy and adorable cute at first and then SUDDENLY MINDFUCK"
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: SHE NEEDs to HEAR THIS
[22:11] Nafees Imtiyaj: That's Astral's true form
[22:12] northwindgully: /will journal it so she will see it on her F-List when she wakes up
northwind_gale: (What?)

[19:22] northwindgully: gaaaah!
[19:22] northwindgully: I just
[19:22] northwindgully: barely beat Jeager
[19:22] northwindgully: was using a Lightsworn deck against his stall deck so that was probably a bad idea
[19:23] northwindgully: I beat him with one card left in my deck, and 600 LP while he had four trap cards, including Gravity Bind and Dark Room of Nightmare and 5000 LP.
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: *claps*
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: This is how the anime duelists feel
[19:23] Nafees Imtiyaj: ALL THE TIME
[19:24] northwindgully: hay
[19:24] northwindgully: hay yuusei
[19:24] northwindgully: can I be a signer now
[19:24] elementalf0rtune: XD
[19:24] yrivas04: lol
[19:24] northwindgully: i beat all yo dark signers
[19:24] northwindgully: and eeevvverrrryyythiiiing
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: Even Rexu?
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: If you no beat Rexu
[19:24] northwindgully: I'm about to fight him. Or so I assume
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: Then no Signaru for you
[19:24] Nafees Imtiyaj: XD
[19:24] northwindgully: gdi
[19:24] northwindgully: you people have high standards
[19:25] northwindgully: *shakefist*
[19:27] northwindgully: ...oh wait
[19:27] northwindgully: I didn't pull new shiny cards out of my ass to beat him...
[19:27] northwindgully: does this mean I fail the test
[19:27] Nafees Imtiyaj: Naw
[19:28] northwindgully: really
[19:28] Nafees Imtiyaj: ...

northwind_gale: (Sheepish grin)
So yeah this is just me and [ profile] arynis and [ profile] remaner being ridiculous and silly and yeah. Rife with hilarity, bad spelling, multiple distractions and ridiculous (some NSFW) fanart links. Crossover with this and YGO, starring our favorite fabulous card creator and his girlfriend.

yes we are ridiculous why do you ask? )
northwind_gale: (Sheepish grin)
[14:22] northwindgully: oho?
[14:23] northwindgully: /is distracted by little brother, sorry :P
[14:26] Mario!Jyuudai~
[14:29] northwindgully: pffffffffffffffffft
[14:29] northwindgully: /amused
[14:29] DRAW IT
[14:30] I DARE YOU
[14:31] northwindgully: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-
[14:31] what is that - at the end for
[14:31] northwindgully: me suddenly cutting it off to stifle laughter :P
[14:32] northwindgully: ahahahaha
[14:32] northwindgully: o fien
[14:32] wait, who's Luigi?
[14:32] northwindgully: I was planning on drawing some stuff anyways
[14:32] northwindgully: Sho.
[14:32] :-D
[14:32] \o----
[14:32] fffffffffffffffffffff
[14:32] oh god tiny Luigi with a permanent shitty hair day
[14:33] northwindgully: I've never drawn either of them, tho', so it'll take me a few tries :3
[14:33] northwindgully: brb grabbin' some paper
[14:33] ppfff
[14:33] <3

doo-doo-doo do-do-do do )
northwind_gale: (Hell motherfucking yeah)
[13:17] northwindgully: Oh hey, you know that meme that goes around YouTube
[13:17] Zalkanis: Hmm?
[13:18] northwindgully: where people say that "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song can go with ANY music
[13:18] northwindgully: and then they try to do it?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Oh?
[13:18] Zalkanis: Nope, haven't heard of that one.
[13:18] northwindgully: B'aww.
[13:18] northwindgully: I need to show you the original theme XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: Don't tell me they synced it with a Mother song XD
[13:18] Zalkanis: I know of that one ^^
[13:18] northwindgully: It was a popular family sitcom in the 90s in the US.
[13:18] Zalkanis: I mean I haven't heard of the meme XD
[13:18] northwindgully: And they synched it with SEVERAL.
[13:18] northwindgully: Oh.
[13:19] northwindgully: They did it with a bunch of them
[13:19] northwindgully: AND IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully: some more than others but FFFFF IT FITS
[13:19] northwindgully:!v=IEiu9H5to5Y&feature=related first one I found
[13:19] Zalkanis: AHAHAHAHAHAH
[13:19] Zalkanis: FRESH KRAKEN OF BEL-AIR
[13:20] northwindgully: IT WORKS
[13:20] northwindgully: I swear to god
[13:20] northwindgully: I haven't found a mix that didn't work in some fashion, not yet XD
[13:20] Zalkanis: Lawl
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=ioSM-JMk06g&feature=related here's another one.
[13:21] Zalkanis: AHAHAH
[13:21] Zalkanis: I just linked that now too XD
[13:21] northwindgully: ...well XD
[13:21] northwindgully:!v=8YSedjnvl0w&feature=related This one works so well it's scary.
[13:21] Zalkanis:
[13:21] Zalkanis: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: ...
[13:21] northwindgully: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[13:21] Zalkanis: HIVEMINDDDD
[13:22] northwindgully:!v=IuQGPILDKfI&feature=related
[13:22] Zalkanis:
[13:22] northwindgully: OH COME ON.
[13:22] Zalkanis: We need Prince Poo of Bel-Air
[13:23] northwindgully: ffffffff
[13:23] northwindgully:!v=ZDrfDjwR5rg&feature=related
[13:24] Zalkanis: Ahahah
[13:25] northwindgully: /was half expecting you to respond with the same video XD
[13:25] Zalkanis: Sorry XD
[13:25] northwindgully: lollll
northwind_gale: (Default)
[18:43] Zalkanis: Other image I had was Darkness eating grass on a field along with other goats.
[18:43] lethalrainbowss: biblical is cool too o/
[18:43] Knet Makri: XD
[18:43] Knet Makri: GOOOAT
[18:43] Zalkanis: "Nom nom nom nom"
[18:43] spinel ithil: not to mention BOY AND I FEELING TAROT TODAY
[18:43] Knet Makri: "GTFO I'M GRAZING."
[18:43] spinel ithil: BOY AM even
[18:43] spinel ithil: heee goat
[18:43] Zalkanis: fffff
[18:43] northwindgully: goddammit
[18:44] Knet Makri: And the tree of life. The World is TOTALLY SUBTLE GAIZ
[18:44] northwindgully: stop making me want to draw stuff guys
[18:44] Knet Makri: =D
[18:44] spinel ithil: never.
[18:44] lethalrainbowss: draaaw
[18:44] Zalkanis: DO IT
[18:44] Knet Makri: Nevar.

goddammit chat )
northwind_gale: (Sheepish grin)
[21:47] spinel ithil: aim hate the other room again?
[21:47] northwindgully: idk
[21:47] northwindgully: didn't bother trying :|
[21:47] northwindgully: just derped something out insteaad
[21:47] spinel ithil: XD clearly
[21:47] northwindgully: <---has been in a derpish mood since last night
[21:47] northwindgully: *derp*
[21:51] northwindgully: ...why am I suddenly finding myself battling the urge to make random Magikarp noises
[21:53] spinel ithil: pffff
[21:55] northwindgully: *magikarps it up*
northwind_gale: (Default)
There's nothing really spoilery going on...just us and our silly conspiracy theories (THAT WILL BE TRUE, DAMMIT. WE SAY SO.)

[08:55] Fortunelady Icey:
[08:55] northwindgully: o///
[08:55] northwindgully: hiiiiiii
[08:55] Fortunelady Icey: Hi. What's up?
[08:56] northwindgully: Nothing much
[08:56] northwindgully: just watching 91 sub
[08:57] northwindgully: and being amused at Kiryuu's giggling
[08:57] Fortunelady Icey: hehe
[08:57] Fortunelady Icey: yeah. that's one of the best parts
[08:58] Fortunelady Icey: (I swear if he doesn't return to NDC, I'll create an AU where he does and starts hunting Illiaster while the WRGP is going on |D)
[08:59] northwindgully: (Fffffffff)
[08:59] northwindgully: (Ot
[08:59] northwindgully: (It's kinda obvious he won't, though. ._. )
[09:00] northwindgully: (Crash Town needs somebody to give it Satisfaction)
[09:00] Fortunelady Icey: (Who cares about Crash Town.)
[09:00] northwindgully: (...dude, if the four of them rename it Satisfaction Town, I will lol forever.)
[09:00] Fortunelady Icey: (XDDD)
[09:00] Fortunelady Icey: (Okay that would be amusing)
[09:01] northwindgully: (If they come to NDC)
[09:01] northwindgully: (I want Kiryuu to bring Nico and West with him, and find out that Zola can't possibly take in more people)
[09:01] northwindgully: (and so he ends up by an odd series of events, staying with Carly and he finds out she remembers being a Dark Signer but is hiding it from Jack and aklsdjflasdjflds fj)
[09:02] Fortunelady Icey: (oh my.)
[09:02] northwindgully: (And then they start a Riding Duel team with Bommer to try and find out why the fuck they remember and enter the Grand Prix.)
[09:02] northwindgully: (THE END)
[09:02] Fortunelady Icey: (He, nice.)
[09:03] northwindgully: (I am so posting this on elljay as a conspiracy theory.)
[09:03] northwindgully: (SO WE CAN SAY WE CALLED IT FIRST)
[09:03] northwindgully: (:P)
[09:03] Fortunelady Icey: (Though I still want him to hunt after Illiaster. Since they used the Dark Signer for their own dubious goals and Kiryu Kyosuke cannot let himself be used.)
[09:03] Fortunelady Icey: (OF COURSE |D)
[09:03] northwindgully: (fffffffff.)
[09:03] northwindgully: (*goes to copypasta*)
[09:03] northwindgully: (...after the quicksub is done with. :P)
[09:04] Fortunelady Icey: (/o/)


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