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Characters: Tsukomo Yuuma, Black Mist
Rating: PG-13...ish?
Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, Kattobinguless Yuuma, and tentacles.
Notes: ohgodIcan'tbelieveiwrotethisI'MSHAKING From Lethe's AU. This will likely happen once he goes home from the DR. Eventually.

He didn't need hope so the Gate gave him something else. )
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sorry guys, Tumblr kinda...ate my life. I only show up on LJ to RP these days. 8U

Anyways, Zexal fic. Here.

Title: N/A
Characters: Tsukomo Yuuma, mentions of the Gate, Tsukomo Kazuma, Shark, and Tetsuo
Rating: PG-13, maybe?
Warnings: Suicidal thoughts. It's Kattobinguless Yuuma, okay, so generally bad things.
Notes: This is based off Lethe's AU. Also spoilers for 47, or at least the concept itself is.

The Spiritless Key... )

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Testing out Martyr!Kiryuu's Fabled deck against Usagi's character Yume. Who also runs a Fabled Deck. 8D

i am so proud of myself really )
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Here’s how it works.
◦ Pick 3 characters from my muse list, or from the canon character list below.
◦ Now pick 3 prompts from the table to go with each character.
◦ I will write three snippets, based around your picks.
If you pick from the muse list, you can add one or two others to the prompt.
(ex. My muse+your muse. My muse+your muse 1+your muse 2. My muse 1+my muse 2+my muse 3. Etc.)
If you picked from the canon list, you can request one canonmate.
You can also add a genre/tone and rating, if you prefer.

I dun care about canon/character lists, just pick a fandom that you and I share from...whatever. :V

here is the table )
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So I finally managed to unlock all the packs with Fabled monsters, so I built both a standing deck and riding deck for Martyrverse!Kiryuu. It's done fairly well against the AIs, I've won about 95% of the duels with it. I just need a bit of help fine-tuning it and I'm open to suggestions for either the actual decks or a side deck of fifteen extra cards.

card list here )
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✖ Ask any of the characters I roleplay a question, and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer.
✖ Feel free to ask them ANYTHING, regardless of whether you know their canon or not.
✖ Feel free to also ask them as your own character. They will respond accordingly.

pup list heeeeere

yeah sooper old meme is sooper old
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GUYS, YOU GOTTA PERSUADE ME OUT OF THIS. OR AT LEAST HELP ME PICK ONE OVER THE OTHER. Because I have two story ideas picking on me at once. The problem is:[Poll #1787541]
But yeah, if anyone wants more details on either of them I can totally give more info. Although I have the feeling the majority of you would vote for Scenario 1 since most of you are friends with me though YGO. STILL. I NEED DIRECTION.
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I found some pretty old sketchdoodlings that look like they were done maybe a year ago. They're sketchings of minievilgods!Satisfaction and it looks like I was trying to work out a new style and compare it to the chibi style I was using back then.

go go satisfakshun )
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

um uh. I can do YGO GX, 5D's, and I'll attempt Zexal if you want. I don't think I can remember much of DM to try that successfully. I can also attempt Eyeshield 21, Megaman Starforce, Usagi Drop, Radiant Historia, Madoka Magica...mmm, I think that's it. Oh also anything from RP-ing.
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Remember it? :D

Choose a fandom from the list below, and if you want, some characters as well. Then pick a prompt from one of these three websites;, or (FMyLife, MyLifeIsAverage and TextsFromLastNight) and I will write you a drabble concerning that prompt and characters.

In return, post in your journal.

You all know my fandoms by now. But just in case, any of the YGO series (except maybe DM because I can't really remember much from it sob), Pokemon, Megaman Star Force and Battle Network, Eyeshield 21, and, just for fun, any of my RP characters and yours from the RP scene as well!
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So, 'sup gais. Coming out of the woodwork again, so lemme sum up the past...oh, week and a half or so in bulletpoint fashion.

-So. 5D's ending. Not much to say considering's everyone said it already. Could have been better, but at least it was enjoyable to watch.

-Made a new elljay rp pup. [ profile] usedsyncronoise

-My brother's been playing through Megaman Starforce Red Joker since I helped him acquire a rom. As a result he's been rewatching old episodes of the anime with me. (He got into the series by watching me watch the show in the first place, so it was awesome nostalgia.) Thusly now I'm tempted to play anime!Cancer Bubble. Somebody kill me.

-I need to start writing fanfic again. But I'm lazy.

-Speaking of lazy, I've had the pictures ready for Chapter 3 of Over the Nexus Let's Play for some time now. But again, lazy to post. Maybe I'll start on it later today. Who knows.

-The listing of Best Wishes episodes on the site where I'm watching it is starting to confuse me, since they're skipping around episodes due to the recent tragedies in Japan. But I must say that Belle is an awesome travelling character and should travel with the group more. She just adds a wonderful liveliness to the group. and my poor poor little heart is starting to ship her and Dento despite me already shipping him with Iris a little and just...fff.

-So uh, I think that's everything for now. Bai bai!

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Happy Valentine's Day guys!

Here, have a meme to make up for the fact that I'm likely not gonna draw anything.

the ⓁⓄⓋⒺⒷⒶⓁⓁ meme

dis is my thread

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but for now, a meme I kept seeing around everywhere when I came home from werk today

The "What Icon Do You Associate With Me?" meme!
• Do not look at the comments.
• Take a look at my userpics.
• Post a comment with the icon of mine you associate with me. Leave commentary if desired.
• Repost with your default icon

also this one I saw on [ profile] caladi 's journal

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

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Work in progress meme! Stolen from [ profile] immicolia!

Post a single sentence or more from each WIP you have, or from as many WIPs as you want.
Provide no context/explanations.

ask no questions and I tell no lies cuz' you are now inside my mind )



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